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2010 was a great year with Jeff's involvement in the recording and release of Foghat's lastest cd, Last Train Home. Go to the link above to listen to and find out more about Foghat's new cd.


This is the album that started it all. The following three songs were written and co-written by Jeff. Just a Pair of Strangers was written with Donnie Wilkins and Calling was written with Billy Davis. All songs were superbly performed by Acts.

1. Just a Pair of Strangers
2. Waste of Time
3. Fear of Swimmin
4. Sandra
5. Won't Give Up
6. Calling
7. Long Ago & Far Away
8. Bonus Pak 1
9. Bonus Pak 2
10. No More Foolin' Around
11. Cheers

"I recorded on the following Outlaw cd's in historic, Macon, GA.
Nice town...nice folks."
The So Low cd was recorded in 1994.

1. Ghost Town
2. Three Alarm Fire
3. Only Love Will Do
4. South Street
5. Dancin' Shoes
6. Lovers, Gold And Fools
7. Mr. Cowboy
8. Hearts Run Wild
9. Surrounded By One
10. Lover's Serenade
11. A Wish

Over-dubs made this cd possible.
Ahhh, the wonders of technology.

1. Hittin' the Road
2. There Goes Another Love Song
3. Hurry Sundown
4. Waterhole
5. Hitman Blues
6. Evil, Wicked, Mean And Nasty
7. You Are The Show
8. Superficial Love
9. Ghost Riders In The Sky
10. Green Grass And High Tides

"Sad to say, Diablo Canyon, had more brilliant moments than a handful of the old Outlaw albums rolled up together. Anyone got a light?
Note: We borrowed these $1500 long-rider jackets for the shot that you see.
I believe Hughie and I messed ours up...oooops".

1. Diablo Canyon
2. Dregs Fall to the Wicked
3. Let the Fingers Do the Walkin'
4. Steam on the Blacktop
5. Macon Blues
6. New Frontier
7. Brother Travis
8. The Wheel
9. Freedom in Flight



Jeff recorded track # 26, Run to the Hills, with Chris Caffery, Jeff Plate, and Lonnie Parks on this Iron Maiden tribute album. Click on album cover for sound clips and album credits and links.

David Feinstein's
One Night in the Jungle

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Third Wish

1. Regeneration
2. Rebelution
3. Screaming Star
4. Third Wish
5. Rule The World
6. Masquerade
7. Far Beyond
8. Poison Ivy
9. Live To Ride, Ride To Live
10. Firefighter
11. Inferno


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The Outlaws

Savoy Brown



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